Variant Covers

Variant Covers
Variant Covers

How much will X-men Phoenix Warsong go for in 10-20 years?

i have
X-men: Phoenix Warsong #1 Variant Cover by MIKE MAYHEM
X-men: Phoenix Warsong #1 Cover by MARC SILVERSTRI
i plan on getting the rest as well

and assuming the comics are in near-mint condition

Comics today have such large print runs, and the X-Men franchise is stretched so thin today, I wouldn’t expect the value of an X-comic printed today to appreciate in value the way the X-comics from the 1980s did. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had to wait 25-30 years to see a real difference in value, assuming something big doesn’t happen between then and now (like a fire destroys 90% of the comics in existence, or all the X-books are cancelled, or people are just really rich and gullible 10 years from now).

Variant covers are another story. They can jump in value really fast, but only time will tell if that value will stay. Limited runs can increase the value, as could having all the variants in your collection. Still, I’m not that optimistic about any X-book printed nowadays for the near future. It’s a shame too, since I read and collect so many of them.

Variant Covers (8 Minutes Cut)

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