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Variant Cgc
Variant Cgc

What is this Spider Man comic really worth?

Ultimate Spider-man #1 Target Variant Cover it is going for anywhere from 150.00 to 1000.00 Im going to send it in to the CGC but I wanted to know if anyone new a more approximate value some say its worth nothing at all

Comic book value largely depends on the condition it’s in. If the comic has any fading, creases, torn pages, or other defects, this will diminish its value.

Purchased issues of Ultimate Spider-Man #1 are a fairly collectible item, largely due to the great ratings that the series received. The most valuable version, the white cover variant, has gone for as much as $1000 on eBay.

The Target variant issue, however, was part of a giveaway promotion, and therefore won’t be worth much at this point. I haven’t found any information on a Target variant for issue #1, but have found a Target variant for reprints of issues #14 and 15 that has a number one on the cover, which sells for $200 if it is mint condition and CGC graded.

Due to the fact that this book isn’t really worth all that much, I would think very seriously about sending it physically to CGC. A single issue costs around $30 to be graded with a turnaround of 40 business days- essentially 2 months. Additionally, the company doesn’t guarantee that the book will return to you in the same condition in which you sent it.


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