Turner Variant

Turner Variant
Turner Variant

What are some variations in sex chromosome genotypes other than Klinefelter and Turner?

Also, how is each variant characterized?
What are the cause/ origins of these variants
How is each variant characterized? What are the causes/ origins of these variants

XXX syndrome, also called super female, is a fairly common one. People with this genotype are female, fertile and physically normal.

XYY is similar. Males with this have no major characteristics of the disorder, but they tend to experience a bigger growth spurt during puberty.

XXYY, XXXXY, XXXX and XXXXX syndromes also exist, but they are exceedingly rare.

Most occur because of faulty meiosis, and the combination of faulty gamete cells give abnormal combinations. Many are not characterised unless genetic testing is performed, because they do not give external symptoms or are so rare that they are not considered initially.

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