Target Comics

Target Comics
Target Comics

How would you go about starting, publishing and distributing a niche magazine in Australia?

The niche market im talking about it the comic/manga industry. The magazine based on exerpts of chapters of manga done by australian artists, for national distribution and eventually international (main target Japan). I have $10,000 for startup

Consider the number of people who are interested in manga.
Check Licensing Requirements for characters and story lines.
Design the Magazine, Layout, Typeface, Number of pages etc
Advertising and Promotion:Promote the magazine and try to generate some buzz, contact magazine publishers that might be interested in investing in your company and distributing it.

Just keep in mind that magazine publishing is a high risk business and many magazines fold within a year of the first issue.GOOD LUCK.

[HD] B1A4 – Beautiful Target [Comic Book Version]

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