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What to bring on spring break to Florida?

So my dad, his new wife, and my older sister live in Boca Raton FL
I’m going to be going there for my spring break in April, so for like a week.
I will probably be going swimming a lot and hopefully hitting the beach a couple times.
I want to get a super nice tan.
I am sixteen and I havent seen them in like 4 years.
What should I bring?
(types of clothes, accessories, toiletries, anything else)
Thanks for the help (:

– A lot of sunscreen. Trust me, even with it you will still get a tan (you dont want to risk skin cancer or premature aging by not wearing it. Plus you’ll just end up peeling a ton!) I would recommend no less than an SPF 30

– I’m sure your family will have towels, but bring one if you have a favorite beach one to lay on

– Water bottle

– Female board shorts are always a plus since it’s nice to be able to walk around to the shops near the beaches. It’s an easy way to keep your bathing suit on while still feeling “clothed” (wear your bikini under)

– That leads to the obvious – a bathing suit! (or two!) Get/bring one that will complement the tan you’re looking to get.

– If you invest into getting your hair done, they have a sunscreen for hair (so it doesnt sun bleach the colors)

– Sunglasses!

– A beach wrap is always a nice addition, they are easy to wrap around your waist or upper body when getting out of the water if you want to run to the ladies room or up to grab a snack etc.

– A small folding chair (this may be something you’ll want to see if your family has, unless you prefer laying out on the warm sand with a towel) its a bit large to bring on the flight, lol

– deodorant! This may seem odd since you’ll be swimming, but trust me, you’ll want it while tanning! Make sure its a light, breathable clear deodorant. And don’t cake it on too heavily, just enough to prevent excessive smells

– tampons (if it is going to be “that time” while down there) The worse thing when planning a trip to the beach is to start your “friend” and have nothing but pads! (not to mention you wouldnt be able to swim then due to sharks and the overall pad falling out…how embarrasing!)

– sandals and flip flops (go for comfort over style when heading to the beach. Its not easy to walk through sand in platform sandals, plus you’ll look a bit out of place. the beach lifestyle is all about relaxing in style. So a cute pair of flops will work great)

-dont wear jewelry! You may want to look your best, but it will ruin the tan, so leave them behind when going to the beach (bring them in your suitcase though since there are a lot of malls and other activities in the area)

– a hair scrunchy (if your hair is long, or even short, youll want a way to pull/pin it up so that sun hits your face and neck for the tan)

Hope this helps 🙂

P.S.- dress light..its very warm that time of year. Shorts, tank tops, sandals, short sleeve tops, capri pants, and a hat for days you may be feeling as though you need a break from the sun (trust me, it happens, you dont want to get sun poisoning)

Oh and last, there are many tanning lotions, but dont get them unless they have at least 30 SPF. If you’re planning to be in the sun for an entire week, having low SPF can lead to more damage than good.

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