Star Superman

Star Superman
Star Superman

Superman, although not originally created as a hero, has grown to become a part of our culture. We can see not only Superman movies and series, but nowadays movies themselves refer to Superman. We hear songs referring to Superman. We very easily recognize the combination of the red and blue colours and the S shield has no other significance than… Superman. Superman has even become a part of our language – I am not a Superman – we often argue. Indeed, Superman has become a part of our culture.

What values, then, does the Man of Steel represent? Well, only few people know that the original creation of the comics character was one of a bald, rough villain. It was soon to be changed into what was to become the most iconic character ever. And the character has grown to represent the values of morality, goodness, righteousness, virtue, justice, honesty. He became a symbol of fight of good against the evil. This is the ethical level.

Through the character of Superman the humans were to recognize the polarity of human nature – there is inherent good in us, but so is evil. Perhaps, it is the environment we grow up in that makes the crucial decision, however, the message of Superman is – we can fight the evil.

Yet another side of Superman is that of metaphysics. On a metaphysical level, Superman, being from another planet, gives the human race a chance to step “outside” for a moment and enter a contemplative state, a state of self-reflection, and ask those fundamental questions – Who are we? Where did we come from and where are we going? Are we alone? Why are we so self-destructive? Why is there no peace? This is the philosophical level.

Finally, Superman, being a part of culture, and representing the values stated here, has a psychological effect. This can be seen in children. Children who possess a Superman action figure can be observed to develop the values that Superman represents. They are growing with the distinction between the good and the evil and a clear inclination towards the good, they, very early, develop the sense of morality, honesty, bravery. A simple toy – Superman action figure – can have a tremendous effect on a child.

To sum up, Superman has become a cultural icon. We can see Superman references on TV, radio, and in daily lives. The character has come to represent good human values on ethical level, metaphysical level, and psychological level. It is through this psychological level that Superman – as a toy – Superman action figure- can have a significant effect on a child’s growth and its future.

Copyright © Tibor Morvay 2010

Why do some people mistake the Star Wars theme with the Superman theme?

I haven’t heard of many who mistake the two but there are parts of each that do sound somewhat a like. Probably because they were written, as were many movie soundtracks, by John Williams.

To Y y Y: Dude, we really don’t need to hear about your personal problems.

All Star Superman Official trailer

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