Sea Devils

Sea Devils
Sea Devils

Proverbs come from the Latin word proverbium. It is a phrase that has a lot of meaning metaphorically. So if you want to tell somebody do not sit idle else it may work against you, you can say, “empty mind is a devils workshop” which means if you sit idle you will end up thinking and doing evil things.

If a proverb is distinct from others with good phrasing it can be termed as an aphorism. When a proverb is used to describe a rule of conduct, it can be termed as a maxim. Proverbs were generally derived from different cultures and human experience that came from seniors in the society who knew how a situation and how should it be dealt with.

The books of Proverbs from the Bible and Latin language from the medieval times have played a significant role in spreading proverbs. A few proverbs are mentioned below so you have a thorough understanding of these powerful sentences.

-A friend in need is a friend indeed.

This famous Shakespeare’s proverb used in his plays meant if a friend helps you out in your time of difficulty then he or she is truly a good friend.

A burnt child dreads fire

When a person comes across an accident it changes the person’s attitude, fears, likes and dislikes for life.

-First come, first served

This is a very common proverb. Used by retail outlets, as and when offers are given out. Sometimes even at one’s home it may be experienced, as the person who comes in first may get served with a dish and the person coming in later may miss it as it is over.

-As you sow, so shall you reap

This proverb is taught to us in schools where we are taught to think right and reap its benefits. A similar proverb is what goes around, comes around.

Some more include:

-A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

-Between the devil and the deep sea

-Birds of a feather flock together

-A rolling stone gathers no moss

-Every cloud has a silver lining

-Fire is a good servant but a bad master

-All that glitters is not gold.

Just to summarise proverbs are nothing but short sayings or short stories [] which we have learned in our child hood days just as the nursery rhymes []

whitc of this one is more deadly? Bermuda Triangle vs. Devil Sea ! 10 points & 5 stars?

I’ll give 10 points & 5 stars for strong arguments!

According to research the Devil’s sea which is located off the coast of southern Japan near the Miyake Islands and Guam. There were several Japanese warships reported lost during WWII, however the Japanese do not consider the area to be cursed. Others however consider the area to be MORE dangerous than the Bermuda triangle. Rumor has it that Amelia Earhart was even lost in the Devil Sea. The Decision is up to you.

Sea Devils

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