Red Ryder

Red Ryder
Red Ryder

How do i shoot a red ryder BB gun?

My gun wont shoot, i followed the instructions
1)Put bbs in( i put like 20 in)
2)turn safety on and pull lever back)
3)Turn safety off and shoot

i did it and nothing will shoot out

Try either tip the gun barrel tip up towards the sky, the BBS will fall down into the holding spot by the barrel tip when cock ed and not load into the chamber, they need to be at the butt end of the gun to load, hence tipping it up. If that does not work when you pull back the pin hold it open, place a bb directly into the firing slide and release. If it shoots, your good. If it does not you could have some kind of jam.

Daisy Red Ryder: “Airgun Americana” by Nutnfancy

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