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How do i make new friends and branch out a bit? PLEASE HELP?

Okay, so i have a really tight group of friends. But i just feel that none of them really “get” me. they listen to all the music in the charts and things, whereas i listen to more punk-pop-rock stuff, eg. the medic droid, fob, green day, jimmy eat world, may day parade…
Also we don’t really do anything that i really find fun or enjoy. I think im kinda the “wallflowerr” of the gang,
I have been friends with some people in this group for about 10 years (im 15), and its not that i don’t love them, i do! It’s just i wanna meet some more people that have things in common with me.
How would i go about doing this?
I do still wanna be friends with my current best pals, i just wanna make a couple of friends that share the same interests as me

as people grow older that might outgrow there friends and develope different intrests make a few new friends but explain to your other friends you still love them but you dont enjoy the same things as them anymoree and need to branch out a bit but will not abandon them.
hopee this helps 🙂 x

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