Nick Fury

Nick Fury
Nick Fury

Do you think Samuel L. Jackson would agree to play Nick Fury in an Ultimates (avengers) Movie?

As you know, Samuel L. Jackson closesly resembles the Ultimate Nick Fury in the Marvel Ultimate Universe. I think it would be great if he’d really play the part. The Ultimate line comics are written to be done as movies anyway, so except for the budget issues, it could work pretty well.

Do you think SLJ would agree to do it if they gave him a standard fee and did a live action version?

By the way, if anyone knows the real Samuel L. Jackson, can you tell him about this question? It would be awesome to hear his own opinion.

He has already said in interviews that he wants to play Fury. Sam Jackson is a big time comics fan in real life and that is why he was chosen as the model of Ultimate Nick Fury. They would not have been able to use his likeness without his permission in the first place.

Nick Fury trailer

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