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what is the book by Reg Mckay that was featured in the dail record a few month ago?

The books we know of are easily found on the net i.e. villians, vendetta even Mcgraw. But I have been discussing this with a family member and we both agreed that there was a book announced on the TV a few months ago and was featured in the Daily Record scottish newspaper but we can’t seem to find the book or acutally remember the name o_O! Please help all we know is its “something” and “something” NOT killers, crooks and cons as that was published last year. any help at all would be greatly appreciated

I think the book you are referring to is Dancing with Death. It’s a factionalised account of Bible John from his first murder up to last year. I’m not surprised you can’t recall the name. I
t was banned by the High Court for a few months. All legal now though.

Best wishes

Reg McKay

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