Marvel Atlas

Marvel Atlas
Marvel Atlas

steady stream of whatever you want. c/c/ignore/spit/slamthelaptopshut.?

pull the lamp cord you wrap yourself in spare rats
help you shiver
send me a post card, will you
from that sleep in the sepia attic the tiny widow flaunts
any picture will do, any polaroid if you must
scratch a message with your tedious nails
in the horse in the corner that sways foreword in a draft
the plastic rooster that you didn’t hear
keep there, don’t wait
the boomerang back from ‘62
mausoleum of marvels, you’re such a wealthy child
hurry, I’ve sent for it as if it were a comic ad
the Atlas of the collective, my wandering eyes at the window of saturday
where will you be when the cardboard cracks
what will we reveal….

Ginsberg and Cohen, eat yer hearts out…
NO NO canNOT upstage my Leonard
have a leopard instead
like your horse it will
sit in the corner like
Little Jack Horner;
gloom settles back, flicking his ash upon the linoleum
as the kettle-steam slipslides down the window –
not that it`s a Stinker of a day – oh no, Not At All
for we`ve the New Pirelli Calendar on the wall
(would yer look at THAT, then?)!
Wall Street has crashed..we can hear it in London too, y`know!
And for the b*ankers, it is THE place to go for The Bonus
is the onus
of thee and me
and O, I believe Chuck Norris is slumming, bumming around
new, cleaned-up Soho;
So ho ho ho for the Olympic blimps –
no pimps allowed, only the Dubai crowd;
(on the idiot-box
the New Updated Steroid Generation may be glimpsed).
So, Now – as the drips reach the windowsill,
I wonder Again, shall I kill the governments, or –
have a nice cup of tea?

Who ever heard of a leopard changing its` spots,


Your poem was really a get-going-poem,
thank you for waking me up…
takes something rare as rare can be! 😀
Blesedly leap-and-whirlish, your inspiring,
tumbling, river of sighs. xxxxx

ATLAS – Tru-Ace / Marvel Inc. & Young Sam (check out the tippy toe battle- KR vs. Young Sam lol)

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