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Do you think they will ever make a Marvel film featuring a lot of superheroes instead of just one?

Unlike Spiderman, Hulk etc. do you think one will be made with loads of heroes in one film for instance ‘Marvel Heroes’?

I think that would be a VERY difficult task, having to live up to the hype around it if it was made. It would be great aswel if they had all the actors from previous/future Marvel films to come back for this one.

What do you all think?
Are you lot a bunch of idiots?

Either that, or you knew what I meant but just wanted to seem ‘cool’ to other people that read the answers.

Even though the question did not represent what I wanted to truly ask, common sense will tell you that I know there is a X-Men trilogy, but wanted to share views on whether making a film with various superheroes amongst the marvel comics would be something they are willing to do.

Those who are willing to be positive and lighten up, discuss.
To those who answered accordingly, sorry, none of the above was aimed at you.

Good idea… but it wont happen….

dr bad

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