Howdy Doody

Howdy Doody
Howdy Doody

I used a ouija board trying to contact Capt. Howdy but something went wrong I got Howdy Doody?

I asked Howdy Doody if it was true he had wooden testicles. He said hell no, I’m a damned puppet.

Good question…a star for you.

But that’s what you get for trying to communicate with the spirit world with something you bought at Toys R Us between the Candyland and the Monopoly games.

If it says “Hasbro” on the bottom, next to “made in China” it’s probably not a portal to the spirit world.

(also, there’s no spirit world)

On the other hand, I find Howdy Doody creepier than the devil.

Howdy Doody – 1949 – (1/3)

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