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Heroic Comics

If you’re a budding young artist who is looking to make some money from your talents, there are many options you can pursue. One of them is by drawing cartoons for comic books, which can be done either by yourself or for a publisher. For those artists who are skilled enough to draw in a variety of different ways, the chance of finding work and making money will increase tenfold. At any rate, getting paid to draw comic strips is a distinct possibility.

Arrange Your Portfolio

This is the very first step. Collect your best samples and put them all together in good order, in a professional looking binder. If you have been published before, then these should be your primary samples, at the very front of your portfolio. Additional information you should include for these published samples includes the publication’s name and the date it was published. If you can, include some references, too.

Focus on Your Work’s Visual Appeal

You need to be aware of what sells. Stylish and flashy work is what sells best, and so samples of this nature are the most likely kind that will appeal to publishing houses. You’ll need to work hard to make improvements to your illustrations, for example paying more attention to urban landscapes. A great example of style and flash is Gotham City from the Batman series.

Show Originality

You must be original to get noticed! Remember that it’s not only the superheroes and action men that star in comic books, there are a great many other comic book genres out there. You should focus on drawing your characters from the bottom of your heart, staying true to your visions. Don’t be too influenced by other comics you see. The thing to remember is that comic characters can be absolutely anything – sexy, tragic, realistic, funny, brave or heroic, in fact, almost anything you want them to be. A good story will always find its niche in the market.

Get Out There and Showcase Your Skills

You will need to approach publishers and editors by yourself. Send out your portfolio, or better still, try and get a face to face meeting with someone and bring your portfolio along. If you are good at drawing traditional superhero figures, then why not try DC or Marvel comics? Meanwhile, if your style is a bit more quirky, publishers like Dark House might be more interested in you.

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i need names of artists who do the kinda style of comic drawings ….or artists who did heroic things and were heroes themself’s .. ty

Takashi Murakami – Japanese

and the good old favourite of Benvenuto Cellini, he of the oversized ego : http://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Cellini,+Benvenuto
He certainly fought a lot, but perhaps his battles were more self-interested than heroic! Quite a character though

Marvel Avengers #1 Heroic Age Comic Book Review

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