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Modern day symbol of Aphrodite?

It’s for a project: “You will also select an object that symbolizes you (any modern day word saying idea headline book title comic strip etc that is connected to your name or accomplishments)”
…and it’s on the goddess Aphrodite

Angelina Jolie she’s pretty, sexy and full of love for Brad, her children and the underprivelaged. She is a philanthropist, and Goodwill ambassador for the UN

Wonder Woman is an Amazon Goddess and I beleive she had something to do with Aphrodite. Something like Aphrodite sent her to earth.

This article (linked below) says, “when the Greek goddesses created the Amazons, all the souls of women killed by male violence were given rebirth as Amazons from the clay at the bottom of the Red Sea”

Headline News – on the Death of Superman in the Comics, 1992!!

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