Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider

Which marvel protagonist can defeat the ghost rider?

I just read a chapter of deadpool where the ghost rider pwn him to no end.
via wiki, it is possible that they are genuinely immortal; it is said that God created them and only God can destroy them.
also the rider’s hellfire burns the soul leaving no physical injuries so even the avengers’ shield, armor or skin can’t protect them

btw protagonist means “not villain”. can be evil though. What am I saying…

Batman is DC*^

I’m pretty sure Ghost Rider is immune to physical attacks(well he instantly regenerates from any attack that isn’t mystical), of course he would lose to galactic powered heroes like Jean Gray/Phoenix or silver surfer but as for like street level guys……

The penance stare has failed before, I think maybe Juggernaut could beat him *maybe* since Juggs is very resistant to magic and strong enough to break bones with 1 hit – I don’t know exactly how strong GR’s regeneration is.. Apocalypse may also beat Ghost Rider because he doesn’t have a soul – and while GR can lift a few tons Apocalypse has taken down Hulk. (Ghost Rider *could* take down Hulk too, but only because of this stare).

Ghost Rider is definitely one of the strongest in his class… his hellfire/strength/durability/penance stare make him a boss.

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