Fury Agent

Fury Agent
Fury Agent

how much money for all these ps2 games?

If I sell them at eb games or some store like that. I want an xbox 360:
NHL 07
True crime streets of LA
gta san andreas
Nba live 2004
the sims
NHL 2004
Shellshock Nam 67
007 Agent Under Fire
Ace Combat 4
Ace combat 5
Call of duty 2
007 From Russia With Love
Max Payne
Sonic Heroes
dragonball z budokai
hitman contracts
goldeneye rogue agent
atv offroad fury 2
madden 07
How much money will I get for only this?

I am not selling my ps2 because I still want to play games like ddr because I think there are only 2 ddr games out for the 360 right? are more coming out? If there are more coming out, I will sell my ps2 along with:
need for speed hot pursuit 2
DDR Extreme 2 with 2 dance mats
Fifa soccer 2005
Smackdown Vs Raw 2006
Tetris orlds
Family Feud
The Da Vinci Code
2 wired contorllers + 1 wireless

How much money will I get for all of these Together???(including games at the top). I am thinking of selling the ps2 and some of the more expensive games on ebay.

Write ps2 games or something similar into ebay so you can get an idea of what they sell for. Also i would sell them on ebay rarther then to a shop because they take like £20 of each game if it has the slightest scratch on it!!! They did that to me!! ^_^

Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (1998) – Trailer

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