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Can I have your opinion on what you think about this car?

I’m interested in buying a 2000 Dodge Neon for 1,900 dollars. It was traded in at the dealers place and they havnt put any work into it. The only problem with the car is that the sun roof doesnt work and the air cond. needs alittle tunning. Everything else is fine. We even took it for a ride.

As of today, two people had mentioned that Dodgeneons are a waste and I should stay away from them.
Whats you opinion on the 00′ dodge neons?

Ok, Please go to and check out some threads in the neon section, most of the people that will answer on here have never owned a neon, this is real owner experience, oh, and I own one as well. People have been trashing neons for years. Really, the only major problems with the neons are the white paint chipping on 95-97, head gaskets (which was resolved in 1998 with the MLS head gasket), and tail light seals leaking, in which are $40 dollars to replace. I personally have a 97 that had no problems until 90,000 when the head gasket blew, it was time for a new timing belt anyways though. By 2000, they had about all the bugs worked out of the neon, and for the price it sounds pretty good. Just check the coolant and oil, and make sure they arent mixed or this could be a head gasket failure. Good Luck!

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