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how can i use two moniters that have the same screen display? (not extended)?

i plug in my giant dell moniter into my small laptop and i want them to both have mirror image on the same screen. i dont want extended screen, but thats the only option when i go to properties>settings on my desktop. i want to use the larger monitor as my primary screen. how do i set it up so that both monitors look exactly alike or have the larger dell monitor as the main screen? all i can do right now is use extended. when i uncheck to make this my extended screen, it just turns the monitor off.

You’re looking for “Clone Display” and I think you can only do that with you’re video drivers.

Right click on My Computer and go to properties. Click on Device Manager. Expand Display Adapters. If it says Nvidia or ATI, then go to or and go to Download Drivers or Support and Drivers. At ATI, you then need to click on Download Display Drivers. Using the info from Device Manager, find the video drivers that are appropriate for you. Install them, and then go to their control center, set up 2 screens like you did in Windows and select Clone Display.

If you have Intel extreme graphics, then you’re probably sunk.

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