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In Magic the card game, are artifacts always in effect even if the creature blocks?

Example, I have a 5/5 creature with cloak and dagger artifact that gives the creature shroud (it cant be the target of spells or abilities).

A friend of mine likes oblivion ring which pretty much takes the card out of the game. His interpretation is that when I block, I loose the shroud ability? Therefore he is able to use the oblivion ring on the creature. Is that correct?

As long as the equipment card is attached to the creature then the creature gets all the benefits it offers. And last I checked, blocking doesn’t unattach an equipment card. Also, Oblivion Ring is an enchantment which means it can only be played on someone’s own main phase. The way I interpret what you’re saying is that your friend claims the creature loses shroud when it blocks, and in response tries to remove it from the game during combat. Your friend COULD remove it from the game during their second main phase with Oblivion Ring but only if the creature actually somehow loses shroud. But in this case, the creature keeps the shroud ability as long as Cloak and Dagger remains equipped. So if your friend really wants to remove the creature from the game, they’d have to first get rid of the Cloak and Dagger somehow or use mass removal like Final Judgment.

Now lets say your friend tries to change the creature Cloak and Dagger is equipped to by playing a rogue of their own. The equipment says you MAY attach it whenever a rogue creature comes into play. That means that YOU choose whether your friend’s rogue gets equipped or not when it comes into play. Also, even if you do choose to equip your friend’s rogue for some odd reason, YOU are still the only one who can pay the equip cost. Check the link listed under my sources for more information if needed.

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