Cover Binder

Cover Binder
Cover Binder

What should I put in the clear cover of my binder?

I have a clear cover binder and I want to put something in there. I do not want pictures of ticket stubs…something different. Any ideas?

Pictures of ticket stubs? Weird…

Anyway, I always would slip in pretty scrapbook paper into my binders. That was a super super fast, easy, and cheap solution. Another time, I had 2 sheets of the same paper, but 2 different colors and I carefully cut along both papers so that they fit side by side and completed each other for a neat effect. Then I embellished with some stickers (also the “scrapbooking” kind, cuz they’re more unique.)

And finally, I’ve also made collages from magazine cut outs. Again, using scrapbook paper as the background, but then making a collage with 3D stickers and cutouts and what not. I’ve gotten lots of compliments.

step one- covering a binder for scrap-booking

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