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Everyone wants to laugh – I mean the current socio-political climate is so horrid it’s enough to make anyone go a bit doolally. With so many people who want something to put a smile on their faces, there’s a burgeoning need for comedians. There’s an easy formula to hiring a comedian who’s ready to serve you the biggest laughs you’ve experienced in your life.

When thinking about the perfect comedian for your event, your most important consideration is always your audience. Just because you can hire a comedian for fairly inexpensive doesn’t mean that everyone is the right comedian for your crowd. For instance, you don’t want to hire a comedian with a serpent’s tongue in a room full of bunny rabbits. Be sure that if you’re entertaining a crowd of children, the elderly, or Sunday school teachers the comic is as clean as a whistle. However, you don’t want to bore your audience. Clean doesn’t mean sterile, it just means creatively hilarious. Remember, you want to keep the crowd on your side so it would be best to make sure they can stomach whatever your comedian dishes out.

Next you need to consider venue. Before you’ve hired your comedian, you want to make sure that whichever venue you’re thinking about using can accommodate his or her needs – a stage, a microphone, and water. Shop around for a place that has a high enough flow of traffic to get your comedian recognized and your sponsors happy that they chose your event over someone else’s.

Hiring a comedian is equal parts luck and ingenuity. You can’t expect to find what you’re looking for if you just sift through the Yellow Pages under “comedy”. You’ve got to be proactive, so get off your butt and take a walk. You’ll be surprised how many comics there are potentially in your very own community. Local comics are a huge draw because you’re sure to have people who at least know who he is. Most importantly, local comedians don’t cost that much to hire. If he’s fairly popular in your city, you’ll have to dish out a bit more than if he’s an amateur, but they’ll thank you for the exposure. If you’ve got the green, go for someone with a bit of name –at least in your tri-state area.

If you’re looking to hire a comedian, your main objective is to keep the people laughing. If you find a comedian that can accomplish that feat within the first two or three minutes, then you’ve found yourself a winning lottery ticket.

Does anyone have or can take some pictures of St. John’s Newfoundland that I can use?

I am working on a comic, and do not really have any suitable pictures. Plus I suck at drawing buildings from memory. Suburban pics (Torbay, maybe) and anything of George Street, as well as anything else in and around St. John’s, would be greatly appreciated. Can anyone give me a hand?

Just use Google Images:

George Street:

Click on any picture. At the next page, click on ‘See full-size image.’ Right click to download the picture if you like as a ‘model’ for your drawing.

David Tennant & John Barrowman Kiss – SD Comic Con ’09

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