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The Watchmen are superheroes of a different breed. Very different from the ones most people are used to anyway. The reinvention of the superhero genre has finally reached the big screen with the advent of The Dark Knight. But now what is considered by many to be the best comic book of all time has reached the big screen.

Watchmen had only twelve issues. It was created by famed writer, part genius, part madman, Alan Moore. It’s draw by Dave Gibbons and colored by John Higgins and was printed by DC. It circulated from 86′ to 87′ and was an instant classic. All issues have been repacked in graphic novel form. The project began with Alan more submitting a story to DC but the characters were existing DC characters. However, the story would have rewritten these characters in such a way that they won’t be able to be used again for any new comics storyline. It’s allegedly said that even batman was included in the original cast of characters. Moore was then swayed by the managing editor to rewrite the story using new, original characters instead.

The Watchmen comic is usually read as a social commentary on modern industrialist anxieties. The comic also takes an in depth look on the concept of superheroes. The story is set in an alternate world where the United States is nearing nuclear war with the USSR. Superheroes are all under the government. Costumed vigilantes must register or be faced with serious legal consequences. Those older generation superheroes are mostly in retirement. The story begins when a superhero working for the government is murdered. This serves as the impetus for the protagonists to come out of retirement and investigate the murder. Along the way, they discover a nefarious plot that involves one of their own planning to stage a doomsday scenario.

The focal point of Watchmen’s style is structural in nature. The artist used a regular nine panels per page. There was also the recurring image or symbol especially of the blood spattered yellow smiley that’s become the haunting iconography of a generation. There are also back stories that are juxtaposed to the main story line that create a stratum which enriches the whole experience.

The Watchmen garnered such widespread accolades and is undeniably popular both in the independent subculture as well as the popular culture. There are already been so many attempts at launching a movie adaptation of this seminal work. Finally, on March of this year 2009, director Zack Snyder’s Watchmen will be showing in theaters worldwide.

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Original commando comic how much is it worth?

Hi there, I have an original commando comic from 1972 first edition.
Its called the “Executioners” i was wondering how much could i sell it for? i dont know much about comics i was hoping you could tell me roughly. Also its in pretty good condition.

That would depend on A LOT of things:

– the conditon it’s in
– how rare it is
– who is willing to pay for it

You can try going to your local baseball card/ comic book collectible shop and get it appraised, or try to find the Comic Book Buyer’s Guide or Wizard. They usually have a listing of comic books and their prices.

2009 Comic Con, Day 1. 7/23/09

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