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Color Roy
Color Roy

HOW are some of the elements of art (line, color, texture, shape, form, space) used in this artwork?

HOW are some of the elements of art (line, color, texture, shape, form, space) used in this artwork? kiss v by roy lichtenstein

Taking the innuendo that this artwork is representative of a comic book, let’s look a little closer. How did the printing of a comic book make colors? It is all in the spacing of the color dots. Bold and more solid colors are made by placing more dots in the area. Therefore lighter color areas are created by using less dots of color in an area. The colors are primary (red, yellow, blue). The line is ranging from medium thin to thick. There is outlining and the outlining creates shape. It is almost minimalistic in that there are few selections of color, there are few changes in line width, but the subject matter makes it infinitely complex.

Space is flattened and the most important image is in our(the viewer’s) space in the foreground. This is a good chance to look at negative and positive space. And something you forgot to mention is value. There are drastic changes from light spaces to dark spaces although the majority of the work is high key in value.

On texture we would have to say that this work has visual texture. The emphasis remains on the look of comic book characters, therefore the placing of the dots, the colors, and the black bold lines give us the feeling of the texture of comic book pages. It is inferred, and the actual support is not comic book paper.

I am supposing you are in a class and need help with your research. Just let me say that I hope I have pointed you in the right direction. What I have described is my interpretation of the work in a very minor way. There is so much more that could be said, and I hope that you will investigate it further. You are using the internet, so you could look up other critiques on this subject.

I find this formal critiquing necessary to get started at really looking closely at the work, but just as important is the why. What is the content, the meaning? Why did he create these comic book like images. What does this say about the society and culture at the time he was working and now?

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