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At the World Baseball Classic, how is the national anthem played?

When you attend a Major League Baseball game, they play the national anthem before the game begins. Usually they play the Star Spangle Banner (United States of America) unless the Toronto Blue Jays are playing in which they play both the Star Spangle Banner and O’Canada.

Before a World Baseball Classic game begins, is the national anthem played, and if so, how many are played? Do they play the national anthems of the countries playing along with the host team country or just the host team country national anthem?

To illustrate my point, lets say Puerto Rico and Italy are playing in Miami, do they just play the national anthems of Puerto Rico and Italy and not the United States, or do they play the national anthems of Puerto Rico, Italy and the United States of America?

They play the home teams first and then the visiting teams. Not where they are playing uness one of the teams is from there

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