Captain Midnight

Captain Midnight
Captain Midnight

Joke? (Bit crude!)?

A sailor is on a ship full of males. After being exhausted pleasuring himself he goes to the captain,
“Please help me, I’m so frustrated. Where can I really get some action?”
“Well you see that barrel over there? At midnight tonight go over there and s*ag that hole. Believe me this will be the best sex you have ever had” The captain replied. At midnight the young sailor did as he was told and at midnight went to the barrel.

The next day the sailor finds the Captain,
“My God, that was the best I have ever had, even with my girlfriend – how can I ever repay you?”
“Your turn in the barrel”

Completely sickening BUT absolutely hilarious!!
Good Job Mate, thumbs up for you!

Tomahawk – Captain Midnight

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