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How do you fix a damaged book cover for a paperback?

I just found a bunch of books that had their covers stuck together and when I pulled them apart bits of each book’s cover were stuck to the other 🙁 Is there any way I can fix something like this? Incidentally, would you buy a book that has its cover damaged this way?

You could also dot it with heat. Use a hairdryer to warm the cover where the bits are stuck. The heat melts the glue and then you can remove the bits without damaging the main cover. But you won’t really be able to repair the damaged covers. If the books merit it, you could try to find undamaged copies of the same book, make photocopies of their covers and then replace the damaged ones with the copied ones.
This is bookbinding stuff. For further advice, try googling bookbinding. There’s lots of advice online.
Would I buy such a book? Depends. If it’s a book I want, yes. The cover wouldn’t bother me too much, but then I buy books to read, not to put on a shelf because they look nice from the outside.

How to Make a Book Cover

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