Beyond Unknown

Beyond Unknown
Beyond Unknown

What is beyond the edges of universe?

What lies beyond any known and unknown existence?

Two different questions.

1) Does the universe have an “edge”? When the Earth was thought to be flat, then we imagined an edge. Sail to the edge, fall off: you’re in space!

Alas, we found the Earth to be a sphere and we live on the surface. The surface has no edge. You can keep on going in any direction, forever.

Because the radius is finite, if you do go in the same direction forever, you’ll pass over your starting point, over and over again.

The surface of a sphere is a 2-D object, wrapped around a third dimension. A hypersphere is a 3-D object, wrapped around a fourth dimension.

The Universe is thought to be a hypersphere. Whatever direction you start off, you can go forever and ever. Most cosmologists also think that the radius of curvature of the hypersphere is infinite. So that if you start off in a given direction, you will arrive at your start point, after an infinite time (meaning: I will not have waited for you).

Recent observations by the WMAP probe (checking the Cosmological Microwave Background radiation) seems to have excluded possibilities of “small” curvature radius. So, either the universe is very large or it is infinite.

Plus, infinite also solves a lot of other problems, such as: what is the expanding universe expanding “into”? If it is infinite, then it expands into itself.

So, if the universe really is an infinite hypersphere, then there are no edges. We have no proof of that, of course, but this is the version that seems to explain the most of what we observe.

2) As for what lies beyond any unknown existence, that is too esoteric for me.

Beyond the unknown-From the shallows

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