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can someone please tell me why age of empires(conquerors) is not running on my dell inspiron 1520?

It would be nice to have a bit more info. Once I have that, I may modify my answer. What do you mean not working? What’s wrong with it? Game won’t start? Won’t install? Multiplayer isn’t showing another computer on your network?

I assume you mean it just won’t start up, or is choppy.

Make sure you have enough RAM for one. AOE 2 is an older game, and doesn’t take much, but if you don’t have the needed RAM it’s just not going to work out.

Check the disk.. is it scratched at all? Sometimes, even if you get a game to install, it creates a phantom file.. basically an empty file.. but since it’s there, the game thinks it installed your game, and then can’t load a file. If this occurred, the disk might be damaged or dirty. Clean your disk, uninstall your game and try again.

Also check if your computer is overheating.. there are many ways to do this, and they can be involved. The simplest way to tell if your computer is overheating is if things seem to slow down after you use your computer for awhile.. if it’s heat slowing you down, you can sometimes turn a system off for awhile and it will speed back up again.

Now if you mean that some features aren’t working right, that means your likely using Vista. Since Vista is newer, it had a lot of program changes, and they conflict with the way AOE 1 and 2 handle the file organization.

This in turn causes some things to not work right on some models of computer. If that is your problem, there may not be a fix (other than using an XP computer or older) since windows has stopped supporting these older versions.. they want people to “upgrade” to AOE 3.

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