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Is there a site for free marvel comics besides the official place?

And no I don’t mean the official site, they only give like the first comic and no full series. I don’t have the dough to blow on purchase downloads. So is there a site that someone scanned a whole bunch of their comics and posted them online?


There used to be. It was called and it was the Mecca of glorious free comic bookness. However, about a month ago it was hit hard by the FBI and is permanently shut down. After that, I highly doubt anyone will be putting up scanned comics again unless they can do it offshore or from Europe. So for now, it looks like we’re going to have to obtain comics the old-fashioned way; by purchasing them.


Comic Book Price Guide for Comic Book Collectors and Comic Book Lovers

When we buy our comic books we look to see what the current price is and if we like that particular comic. Beyond these facts very few of us will look to see what the range of comic book prices can be. For those of you who would like to know what the general price for your comic books are like you can look for a comic book price guide.

At present there are some very well known comic book price guides. These guides are Wizard Magazine, Standard Catalog of Comic Books and Overstreet to name but a few. You can find these comic book price guides in the standard book format and there is also an electronic format of these price guides.

The comic book price guide plays an important role for comic book collectors and comic book lovers. The various comic book guides will have information about the known resale value that you can expect from your comic book or comic book collection when you decide to sell those comic books.

You can also use these comic book price guides when you are deciding to add some vintage or hard to find comics to your ever growing collection of comics. From the comic book price guide you will be able to gain an idea of what these comics cost.

Since the vintage comics are ones that are from the early period of the various comic series you will be able to understand why these types of comics are given higher prices as compared to your current favorites.

A comic book price guide will also have details about some of the comics that are loved by many individuals. When you use a comic book price guide you will need to read the guide carefully to gain an idea of the many types of items that are found in these guides.

Once you understand this information you will be able to use the guide to find what sort of price you can expect to get from your comic book collection based on the condition of each of the books in the collection.

From a comic book price guide you will be able to find the standards that are used to grade your comic books. These standards are known as Mint, Near Mint, Very Fine, Fine, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor.

While these are the accepted norms for comic book conditions there are some occasions when the comic book will fall between these standards. At this point the grading will be with a plus or minus sign to indicate where the comic book standard is.

These and other types of information can be found in a comic book price guide. The next time you visit your local comic book shop you may want to see if you can buy a comic book price guide. With this guide you will be able to judge for yourself if your collection is worth the money that you paid for it.

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